2017 Internet of Things for Manufacturing Workshop Called Must Attend Event

2017 IoTfM Workshop Welcomes Over 100 Participants

Attendees of the 2017 GTMI IoTfM Workshop say topic and caliber of speakers make event a "must attend" opportunity.

According to presenters at the 2017 GTMI Internet of Things for Manufacturing (IoTfM) Workshop on November 8, 2017, most people have a general idea of what IoT is, but there still exists challenges in how to effectively implement an IoT plan. Why?

The reason according to several presenters points to deciding what data to collect and how to use the data to improve efficiencies in process and quality in products. Several speakers also called for improved collaboration between IT departments, engineering staff and those on the shop floor to successfully implement an IoT strategy.

Here is a rundown of some of the points speakers made:

  • Alain Louchez, Managing Director, Center for the Development and Application
    of Internet-of-Things Technologies (CDAIT) – Louchez offered a shortened definition of IoT, the interconnection of intelligent things. He also said, “The intercommunication of smart devices is transforming daily life and the jobs market for graduates. It reflects the new status quo.”
  • Brench Boden, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, Air Force Research Laboratory – “The typical technical challenges we face in DMDI space are: evaluation of designs for producibility; integration of IT and OT; equipment not ready for the internet; and supply chain.” And, during a Q&A session, he said, “One of my pet peeves is the idea of using sensors and gathering data when you don’t have a purpose for the data. Perhaps digital twin addresses the “why” – it is a digital twin for the factory that allows data to help predict future performance.”
  • W. Tom Clark, P.E., Director of Advanced Manufacturing and Manufacturing Engineering, Eaton – “The challenge with IoT used to be memory and now it is cyber security.”
  • Jaime Rivera, Software Engineering Manager – CIM, Shaw Industries Group, Inc. – “How do we go from silos to data just being streamed and available for use,” asked Rivera. “The business value of a strategic IoT plan is that it will empower your associates. It can provide seamless collaboration and speed up integration.”
  • Peggy Gulick, Director, Business Process Improvement, AGCO Corporation – Gulick offered a case study on AGCO’s use of Google Glass as a part of its IoT strategy. “We give employees an hour each week to innovate. After one year 5,000 ideas were implemented and we realized $1 million in savings. This has been an award-winning program, not because of the glass, but because of our culture.”
  • Malte Lueer, Technical Planning Assembly, Industry 4.0 Support, BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC – Lueer provided insight into BMW’s IoT infrastructure. He said that BMW is facing challenges with IoT that they have grouped into areas: technology, interoperability and connectivity, talent (workforce), intellectual property, organization and security.
  • Mary T. Bunzel, General Manager, Manufacturing & Industrial Solutions, Intel Corporation – “IoT at Intel can mean connecting people, processes or things.”
  • Mick Mancuso, Director of Connected Enterprise Operations, Rockwell Automation – “We make better decisions with better information. We have increased annual labor productivity by two times.”
  • Eric Dean, Academic Proficiency Business Development Manager, National Instruments – Dean said that IoT has benefitted National Instruments by decreasing downtime, boosting the performance of existing assets, and improving product design and manufacturing.

For those who missed the workshop, all of the materials for the meeting, including speaker presentations, can be found at: http://ws17.iotfm.org/

The workshop also included ample time for attendees to network and get to know their peers in other areas of industry. In fact, the day after the workshop, representatives of various manufacturing sectors were invited to a roundtable to share issues and ideas on how to move IoT to the next level. Several who attended the roundtable agreed to help organize next year’s workshop agenda and suggest speakers.

Next year’s workshop is already in the planning stages and is tentatively set for November 7, 2018.






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